Seed Lake

Seed Lake is a 240 acre lake with thirteen miles of shoreline sandwiched between Lake Burton and Lake Rabun. Seed Lake Campground offers primitive camping. Beach & picnic area. Seasonal wilderness campsites. First come, first served.

Seed Lake Association, Inc. is a volunteer organization dedicated to keeping homeowners connected. We also strive to keep homeowners informed of important issues that may affect our lake community. We thank you for visiting our website and hope that you will feel inclined to become an active member of the Association.

In July of 1925, construction began on the Nacoochee development (Called Seed by some).  It was built between Burton Dam and the headwaters of Lake Rabun to take advantage of a 60-foot drop in the Tallulah River between the two lakes.  Due to the mountainous terrain, the Georgia Railway and Power Company, the developers of the project, were unable to construct a temporary railway for the purpose of moving materials and equipment.  To overcome this transportation problem, materials and equipment were shipped as far as the Lakemont railway station, then transferred to boats and barges and transported nine miles up Lake Rabun to the construction site.  The remains of one of the barges can be viewed during low water time in Uncle Bob’s cove at Linda Minder Dekle’s boathouse.  The Nacoochee Dam was completed in mid-1926, forming a 240 acre lake.  By November of 1926, the power house was completed and the plant’s two hydro units, with an output of 4,800 kilowatts, were on line. The Nacoochee Development was the last project completed in the North Georgia system by the original Georgia Railway and Power Company.  In the construction of the four dams in Rabun County (Burton, Nacoochee, Mathis, and Tallulah), the Georgia Railway and Power Company had constructed miles of wagon roads, built a bridge on top of the Tallulah Dam, and built a bridge across Lake Burton.  These water power projects were unique in that they utilized a continuous 28-mile stretch of the Tallulah and Tugalo Rivers.  This 1199-foot elevation drop begins at the crest of Burton Dam (the upper dam of 6) and continues to the water in the trail race of the Yonah Development (the last of the 6 dams).


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