Chair BottomingMountain City is a uniquely situated recreation and retirement haven. The city is located on the Continental Divide at the head of the Little Tennessee River. Just a short drive from Mountain City on Highway 28 is Black Rock Mountain State Park, the highest state park in Georgia. With its scenic forest, quaint cabins, and hiking trails, it is the recreational jewel of the area.

Mountain City is also home to the Foxfire Museum. The Museum houses exhibits relating to Appalachian life and documents the birth of the Foxfire Magazine and book series, a collection of oral history gathered by local high school students.

Mountain City residents and visitors enjoy antiquing, local auctions houses, and the many outdoor recreational opportunities. An estimated 803 people live in Mountain City.

Mountain City contains two major attractions: Black Rock Mountain State Park and the Foxfire Museum. Black Rock Mountain State Park is one of Georgia’s Mountain City Playhouse Relivedcooler parks–escaping the intense Georgia heat. Nestled high in the Blue Ridge Mountains, it gives grand views of the surrounding areas. The Foxfire Museum gives us a look into the lives of our ancestors. With a collection of tools, houseware and folk art, we’re able to see how life used to be in the Appalachian 19th century.