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Grow Cook Eat Farm and Food Tours

Explore Rabun County and travel around the county tasting, talking, and experiencing why Rabun County is the Farm to Table Capital of Georgia .

In January 2015 the State House of Representatives designated Rabun County as the Farm to Table Capital of Georgia.  Rabun County has five Best Chef’s America and many locally owned farms.  We also have 6 dedicated Farm to Table restaurants however, many of our restaurants use farm fresh produce on a regular basis even though they don’t advertise as strictly Farm to Table.  Farm to table is not just a tagline for Rabun County but a way of life for so many of our residents.

We are excited to offer these wonderful Farm & Food Tours on an “on demand” basis during the months of June, July, August, and September.  The Grow-Cook-Eat tours will showcase a variety of special participants.  We affectionately say we eat and drink our way across the county.  Each tour is customized for the occasion.  Give us a call to let us know the dates needed & the total number in your party.  We will organize the tours based on minimum requirement of eight people.

Each tour is a guided tour on a shuttle.  There is a step on guide as well.  All tours begin and end at the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia.  The final stop for each tour is at the Teaching Kitchen inside the Food Bank.  A local chef can offer a demonstration of one of their recipes using fresh and local ingredients of the season.


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