Restaurants in Rabun County, Georgia

Rabun County offers the visitor a variety of dining delights. Our farmers and gardeners produce fresh and local products that enrich the menus of our restaurants and give local chefs the opportunity to create tasty and comforting palate adventures. From Field-to-table dinners to Georgia’s best BBQ, to mountain bistros, to traditional country comfort food, there is something to please every palate and appetite.

In 2015 Rabun County was named unanimously the Farm to Table Capital of Georgia by the State House of Representatives.  Even though not all of our restaurants advertise as a Farm to Table restaurants many will use locally or regionally sourced products to use on their menus.  Farm to Table is part of the heritage and culture of those who live in our beautiful part of these Northeast Georgia Mountains.  The residents love to share this piece of their culture with those visiting.

One of the unique qualities about Rabun County is that all but our fast food restaurants are unique and one of a kind.  You will find Italian, Mexican, southern comfort, pizza, ethnic, and farm to table just to name a few types.  Whatever you are hungry for, you can find it while you are here in Rabun County.


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