Rabun County Named "Farm to Table Capital of Georgia"

Rabun County Named “Farm to Table Capital of Georgia”

On August 27, 2014 the Rabun County Board of Commissioners at the recommendation of the Rabun County Tourism Development Authority (TDA) proclaimed Rabun County as the Farm to Table Capital of Georgia. Read More . . .

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Press release – August 27, 2014
Rabun County Board of Commissioners Proclaims Rabun County as “Farm to Table capital of Georgia”
Clayton, Georgia August 27, 2014: The Tourism Development Authority (TDA) of Rabun County announces that at its August 26th meeting the Rabun County Board of Commission adopted a resolution designating Rabun County as the “Farm to Table capital of Georgia.”
In its resolution supporting the proclamation the Commission recognized that “Rabun County is positioned to claim this identity because no region in Georgia is more perfectly located amid such a diversity and variety of high-quality farms, mills, dairies, ranches and vineyards. In addition, the county has more restaurants, more award winning chefs, schools, and the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia that are committed to utilize the abundance of regionally-grown products to create a Farm-to-Table freshness that’s unparalleled in the state.”
Gayle Darugh, the member of the TDA who initiated this designation said the recognition as Georgia’s Farm-to-Table Capital isn’t something that this region needs to grow into because we’ve been walking this walk for decades. It is part of who we are and this is our opportunity to embrace that identity, celebrate it locally, and champion it to the rest of the state and the country. Rabun County has long been known for farm fresh bounty. As early as 1917 the traveling public flocked to the Dillard House to dine on just-picked produce from Carrie and Arthur Dillard’s gardens. In 1922 Lura Buchholz opened Beechwood Inn as a Summer House, feeding her guests fresh farm products. We found an old ad from 1931 and it stated that “the inn had all the modern conveniences: fresh vegetables from our garden, fresh milk from our dairy, chickens and eggs daily from our poultry yard, and the most appetizing things to eat on the market.”
Neal Davies, Vice Chair of the TDA added Agri-tourism and culinary tourism make two of the largest economic contributions to the county, cities and communities in Rabun County. There is no other place in the State that grows and distributes the diversity of foods, wine and value added products for consumers and chefs than the North Georgia Mountain Region does. In addition, we know that much of the food and other products produced in Rabun County stays right here. We think the commitment and variety of our local food producers, the pride of many of our local chefs in seeking out local products, and the growing importance of our county as a culinary destination makes it perfect for designation as the “Farm to Table Capital of Georgia.”
To learn more about Rabun County’s farms, farmers, Restaurants, Chefs, wineries, food producers and value added products please visit the Rabun County TDA’s website at www.explorereabun.com
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