Rabun County, Georgia Scored Four “Best Chefs America” – Putting the Northeast Georgia Mountains on the Culinary Map.

The Rabun County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau (CVB) arranged for our Four “Best Chefs America 2013” from Rabun County to get together for a photo opportunity. Can you say “Rabun County = Culinary Destination.”

Best Chefs America is the first-ever peer review guide of the best chefs in the United States. With four Chefs chosen for this award, Rabun County stands out as a culinary destination. The four chefs from Rabun County are (from left to right): Gayle and David Darugh from the Beechwood Inn; Jamie Allred from the Lake Rabun Hotel; Jenny Wilson from Fromage and Other Fine Foods.
According to Best Chefs America, the chefs profiled in the publication were nominated by other chefs and culinary professionals and were chosen after extensive interviews. The selectees represent the top 1% of America’s culinary professionals.
“I was excited, very honored.” said Chef Jamie Allred who has been drawing crowds to the Lake Rabun Hotel since 2010. “This is a special recognition. It means I am recognized by my peers with this prestigious designation. This is different than being honored as a restaurant, this recognition is about me and being a best chef. I want to thank my Mom a home-economics teacher, she taught me to cook. I also thank my local farmers who honor me with their wonderful products.”
Fromage Chef/Owner Jenny Wilson, who has been in business 6 years said “this recognition by fellow chefs from around our region is a wonderful personal recognition, but more importantly it sets our area apart. I don’t think any rural area had as many designated Best Chefs America as Rabun County. It sends a strong message that our region has arrived as a culinary destination.”
Best Chef America 2013 Gayle Darugh of Beechwood Inn said, “while I am thrilled and surprised with this personal recognition, I know that this is also recognition of our local farmers. Each of Rabun County’s Best Chefs America is committed to sourcing local foods and honoring our local products. None of us would have attained this award without the support of wonderful local farm products. It just makes for a better dining experience, and other chefs understand this.”
Honoree Chef David Darugh added “the four of us agree our selections as Best Chefs America 2013 puts Rabun County on the map of top culinary destinations in the southeast. We want to thank our farmers, millers, wine-makers and foragers for supplying us with high quality products. These products set us apart as chefs. Each of us also thank our staff – we cannot attain recognition by other chefs without some serious behind the scenes help.”

While these four chefs were our region’s selectees as “Best Chefs America 2013” Rabun County offers many more very special dining experiences. The Dillard House has been an Icon of Southern Cooking for Generations, featuring many local farm products. Rabun County also offers award winning Bar-B-Q, great Italian dining, Southern fried chicken, and some of the best ethnic restaurants in Northeast Georgia. For a full list of restaurants visit our website at www.explorerabun.com
We congratulate our Rabun County’s four “Best Chefs America 2013.” We look forward to great meals at these three restaurants. We also thank them and appreciate the hard life a chef lives; the chef’s day starts early, ends late and then you still have to clean the kitchen.
See all the Best Chefs America for Georgia.http://bestchefsamerica.com/the-chefs/?state=GA
Best Chefs America Contacts:                                   Rabun County CVB:
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Chef Jamie Allred, Lake Rabun Hotel http://www.lakewp_hotel.com/
Chef Jenny Wilson, Fromage and Other Fine Foods, http://www.fromageclayton.com/
Chefs David and Gayle Darugh, Beechwood Inn, http://www.beechwoodinn.ws