Tiger Drive-In Theater

Tiger Drive-In Theater
At Tiger Drive-In we are bridging the gap between our classic past and our bright future. There used to be over 5,500 drive-in theaters worldwide and now we are one of only 349 left . . . providing you a unique place to make memories that you simply can’t find anymore.

Experience the movies from your car like the “old days” but with the benefits of all of our modern amenities with our modern and high quality digital projection. We have all grass terraces, FM broadcasts, outdoor speakers, Pandora pre-show music, Wi-Fi, and the delicious TDI Grill. Even better, we accept Credit Cards, are pet friendly, have a playground for the kids and so much more!

So bring your picnic blanket or cozy up in your car. We’ll be here waiting on you!

While drive ins were still able to attract many customers, the movie companies became greedy and began to take up to 95% of the proceeds. At the same time, video rentals became the rage, and the death of the drive ins were at epidemic levels.

In the mid 1980’s my Dad closed the Tiger Drive In. It was a sad time, but we knew the interest level was decreasing, and he was at an age that he felt this was the best decision. The excitement of watching movies from your car had run its course. About two years ago I read of several drive ins reopening, since the new generation had never experienced going to a ”Drive In” and older generations missed the some of the best times of their youth. Home Video rentals had filled the place of going to a movie but the “experience” of a family outing is just not the same.


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2956 Old US Hwy 441 South

Tiger, Georgia 30576