The Very Best of Small Town America Right Here in Rabun County, GA

 If you were not among the several dozen folks in front of Rabun County Courthouse yesterday – you missed something very special. The weather was perfect… and I think we had a few more people than last year. It occurred to me during the ceremony that this represents the very best of small town America…. Coming together to say thanks to the fallen warriors who gave their lives for our freedoms.
I think we can improve on it – by having more live performers. I would love to have our RCHS ensemble sing our National Anthem and God Bless America……. If they cannot, perhaps we can get someone from RGNS – or even one of our very many talented adults in the county. A live bugler or trumpeter to play Taps would also be good.
Jim Walden has done a magnificent job with ceremonies on Memorial Day and Veterans Day for many years with help from our local veterans – and I sincerely hope he will continue for many, many more. But – he would, no doubt, appreciate a bit of help from the community. Something else we need is seating – I would not be able to stand for 40 minutes and there are very few benches for the audience. If you would like to get involved, please contact Jim Walden at the above email address – or let me know and I will pass on your info.
Following is the program from yesterday’s ceremony. As usual, Greg Funkhouser was terrific – and Steve Jarrard’s speech was great! I don’t know the young man who handles the sound system – but without him we would not have been able to hear anything – a big Thanks to him!
Remember to put 11:00am, Monday, November 11th on your calendar to be at the War Memorial in front of Rabun County Courthouse this year to honor all our veterans – both past and present.
Invocation: Rev. Don Barber
Welcome: Jim Walden
National Anthem (a recording)
Lowering of the Flag & Pledge of Allegiance
Song: God Bless America (sung with recording)
Song: “Thank You For Answering the Call” written and performed by Greg Funkhouser
Speaker: Dr. Stephen Jarrard
Twenty-one Gun Salute – performed by 7 local veterans
Taps – (recording in a bugle held by one of the participating vets)