St James Episcopal Church

We are a community centered on prayer and outreach. All people of all ages are welcome at St James Episcopal Church. We hope you will join us when you are in the Georgia Mountains. “Our mission is to provide a place for the practice of worship, a home for the renewal of the spirit, and outreached hands to the needs of the world.”

Would you like to be in a community where you can be part of something bigger than yourself, but still valued for who you are as an individual? Are you hungry for a faith that is sure and certain, but leaves room for you to question and explore? Are you looking for a worship experience that is rooted in rich tradition, but not stuck in the past? Then we invite you to join us at St. James Episcopal Church. Here you will find a vibrant and welcoming community of faith, where you can worship, grow, serve, and give as a valued member of God’s kingdom. We hope you will join us!

Worship is at the heart of who we are as Christians and as Episcopalians. In worship, we encounter God through Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit. When we gather together in worship, we celebrate and strengthen the divine love that binds us together in and to Jesus. Given the gravity and mystery of this central act of the Christian life, Episcopalians have always taken great care to make their worship joyful, dignified, solemn, and beautiful. At St. James, you will experience liturgy that is steeped in tradition, but not stuck in the past. We draw from the great riches of the past in a way that powerfully and relevantly embodies the timeless truths of the Gospel for us today.


Business Information

  • 260 Warwoman Road
  • Clayton, GA 30525
  • 706-782-6179