Pickleball comes to Rabun County, Georgia

Pickleball comes to Rabun County, GA:  
If you have not played Pickleball on indoor, hard rubberized, state-of-the-art gym floors, now is your chance.   Visit the beautiful NE Georgia mountains in the cities of Clayton, Sky Valley, Tiger, and/or Dillard and drop by the Rabun County Rec Center at 400 Rabun Park Drive, Tiger, GA to play Pickleball!  706-782-4600.  Go like them on Facebook!
In addition to several beautiful lakes, rivers, waterfalls, mountain hiking, and many other festivities, Rabun County has a 3 gym complex  (and a 4th one on the way), 2 of which have these hard rubberized floors which are supposed to be the best for feet, knees, legs, hips, etc. and much easier on the body if you fall.  The schedule currently dedicated to Pickleball on 3 courts on one of their rubberized gym floors will soon be on USAPA’s links for places to play with the following gracious schedule:  Everyday  MondayFridayfrom 9:00am-3:00pm.  For those who can only play in the evenings, they have dedicated Pickleball on these 3 courts on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 6:00pm-9:00pm.  If you play in the evenings, you are likely to meet Rec Director Roy Quilliams on the court.  He welcomes all of you to help make Pickleball successful in the most NE county of the State!
There is no charge, even if you do not live in Rabun County.  If there is a day you just miss the fresh, outdoor air, this facility is just 40 minutes from the 14-outdoor court Towns County Pickleball Complex in Hiawassee as well as another group of competitive players in nearby Cleveland/White County.  The NE Georgia mountains are becoming one big Pickleball Family!
Thank you to Laurie Lee, White County, for this article and helping Rabun County get Pickleball rolling in our piece of the Northeast Georgia Mountains.