Location Scouting for a Movie

What a great way to spend a day! Two weeks ago, I was asked to help a group from Hollywood scout for locations for a movie. I met them at Tallulah Gorge along with Park Superintendent Danny Tatum and Georgia Senior Location Specialist, Craig Dominey. The movie being scouted was: “Killing Season” starring Robert De Niro and John Travolta.
“The story centers on an American military veteran (De Niro) living in a remote cabin in the woods who is visited by a European tourist (Travolta). The two strike up an unlikely friendship and all goes well until the veteran realizes that the tourist is in fact a Serbian soldier bent on revenge. The film will see the two go toe-to-toe across the grueling Appalachian mountain landscape,” according to Adam Chitwood of Collidor.com.
Jim Reaves and I were escorting three movie professionals and I never got their last names. They were the producer, Jim; the Director, Mark and the Artistic Designer, Kirk. The next day I did some Google research and learned the Director is Mark Steven Johnson who directed “Ghost Rider,” “Daredevil” and “When in Rome.” What struck me about this group was they were very focused. There was little “small talk,” they were all business. They were friendly and interested in our county. They became very animated whenever they saw a location they liked and they were quick to tell us when we showed them a location that did not fit their vision.

From L-R Jim, producer; Mark Steven Johnson, director and Kirk, Artistic Designer at the bottom of Tallulah Gorge.
At this time, we have not heard anything final about their location decisions. We know they were excited about both Tallulah Gorge and Bull Sluice (Chattooga River) and they saw how rugged our mountains and forests are. We know we will not get the entire movie. They will likely shoot interior scenes on a soundstage in Atlanta and for some of their “ghost town” scenes they will shoot at Sweetwater Creek. We just want all the rest!!