Holistic Mountain Market

Holistic Mountain Market is Rabun County’s health and wellness store. The shelves are lined with some of the finest herbs, vitamins, tinctures, ointments, teas, fermented foods and drinks available anywhere. Owners Dana and Mitch McFarland strive to offer products that they take or would take themselves. This involves searching for local and regional companies who source and process whole foods and plants in such a way that they “do your body good.”

While they offer a large variety of products to help you live better, Holistic Mountain Market’s real claim to fame is the smoothies! Behind the counter is a freezer stocked with pre-cut, fresh and frozen bags of vegetables and fruits. In the refrigerator are coconut cream, almond and coconut milk and more that go into the healthiest, tastiest smoothies in Northeast Georgia.

Dana teamed with Sam Watson, the chef at Fortify Pi, to find flavors that complement each other to formulate her recipes. There are the menu favorites like “Matcha Man” Randy Savage, Islands In The Stream, Monty Python, Purple Rain and Smells Like Bean Spirit along with recipes that pull from the foods associated with a particular holiday (for instance, peppermint and chocolate) or a season like fresh melons and strawberries.

Holistic Mountain Market wants to be seen as a valuable resource that serves the health needs of the community. On select Saturdays, the store welcomes brand representatives to offer samples and share information with customers.

Holistic Mountain Market has made the healthier lifestyle you’ve been promising yourself or your family not only possible but convenient. Stop in or give them a call today to learn why they’re “Your Neighborhood Wellness Store.”

Holistic Mountain Market

31 W. Savannah Street

Clayton, GA 30525

Owner: Dana & Mitch McFarland

Phone: 706.960.9501

Email: dana@holisticmountainmarket.com

Website: www.holisticmountainmarket.com