Hatch Camp and Art Farm: Fly Fishing & Art

Hatch Camp and Art Farm offers the only private guided trout stream in Rabun County, also one of two fly shops in the county. With big fish, experienced guides, and a fly shop focused on gearing you up for the specific needs of the region, Hatch Camp and Art Farm is more than just a fishing hole… it is an experience.

Hatch Camp and Art Farm is a fly shop and guide service that also offers camping and performing art experiences.  They are located 15 minutes east of Clayton, GA.  Clayton, Georgia is 1 ½ hours north of Atlanta, 1 ½ hours northwest of Greenville, SC, and 1 ½  southwest of Asheville, NC.  Centrally located in the Northeast Georgia Mountains.

Hatch Camp was created to further the sport of Fly Fishing on our catch and release stream and other local waters, as well as give a venue for musicians and artists that need to be heard and seen.  We have a small stage where we host a few concerts a month and larger events such as Folk Art and Music Markets, Bluegrass Festivals, and songwriting and angling clinics. Listening to music after a long great day on the stream is a wonderful way to wind down after hooking gorgeous trout.  Hatch prides itself in making happiness and furthering the art of Angling.

The Hatch Camp staff can take someone who has never touched a fly rod and have them hooked into a large trout in hours. Offering small to large group rates with options of fly tying, casting, and beginner classes, on and off-site guiding, and soon will offer an all-inclusive option where you get 3 farm to table meals.  You can fish until you must eat!  The staff can work with you to cater to your needs, by planning a weekend fishing different water every day or hunker down at Hatch and truly master our creek.  You don’t have to only fish.  You can bring the family to camp and enjoy the trails, mountains, swimming holes, and great Farm to Table foods of Rabun County. We are also available for weddings, parties, retreats, or whatever you can dream up!

To gain more information about Hatch Camp and Art Farm contact Scott Low, owner/operator, at (706) 782-3747.  Hatch Camp and Art Farm is located at 1060 Joe Speed Road, Clayton, Georgia.  Follow them at www.Facebook.com/HatchCamp/.


Business Information

706-782-3747 1060 Joe Speed Road, Clayton, Georgia

(706) 782-3747

1060 Joe Speed Road, Clayton, Georgia.