Farmhouse on Boxwood

Tucked in the valley of the tiny town of Dillard, The Farmhouse on Boxwood is equally filled with history, breathtaking views, spaces for quiet reflection, and easy access to nearby outdoor adventures and eclectic dining. Owners Todd and Jacqi Barker purchased the farmhouse in 2018 and began hosting guests and events a year later.

The farmhouse was originally built by Sarah (Sallie) Dillard and William Powell in 1882 following their wedding in December 1880. To supplement farm income, Sarah began offering hospitality services of tourist boarding and dining almost immediately, becoming famous for her cooking. They built upgrades over several decades to support the inn, referred to as the Powell House. After William’s death in 1932, Sarah continued raising their children and the family business until her death in 1962, with a daughter continuing the famous hospitality and cooking tradition for another decade as Boxwood Terrace.  Then inherited by other relatives, the home gradually declined and was abandoned in the 1990s. Renovations began in 2008 and continue to this day. The property is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as the Dillard-Powell Home for its architecture, legacy of prominent families, and being one of the earliest inns and female entrepreneurial examples in the region.

The farmhouse property today is on one acre of land in a quiet, rural area including adjacent crop fields in cultivation since the 1860s by Sarah’s father and formerly part of her 135-acre inheritance. Boxwoods line the front entry atop an original stone wall and along the other borders as they have remained for many decades.

The Farmhouse on Boxwood offers whole house vacation rental with 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, full kitchen, 2 sitting/activity rooms, and 2 fireplaces. There are more than 600 square feet of porches with swings, rockers, a bed swing and spectacular views oriented to sunrises on double-decker back porches and sunsets on the front porch. There’s an outdoor picnic table, fire pit, and level yard for special events and outdoor activities.

“Our goal is to create unique experiences for you, drawing from the rich history of this property, the nearby attractions, and your own interests,” Todd and Jacqi say. “We stay connected as much as you want to answer questions and enrich your time here, while leaving the space to you. Our property offers so much ambiance that it can be ideal in many settings.”

Family vacations, romantic getaways, group retreats, outdoor adventures and special events are all ideally suited for the farmhouse. The property is also available for arts and photography sessions or as a film, video or music location.

“We are grateful for God’s blessing to trust us with this property,” add Todd and Jacqui. “Our vision is to share it with you through combining an appreciation for its historic legacy with creative ideas to shape new memories for you!”

Farmhouse on Boxwood

Dillard, GA

Owners: Todd & Jacqi Barker

Phone: 678.469.1400