Farm & Food Tours

Farm & Food Tours

Grow Cook Eat Farm and Food Tours

Explore Rabun County and travel around the county tasting, talking, and experiencing why Rabun County is the Farm to Table Capital of Georgia.

In January 2015 the State House of Representatives designated Rabun County as the Farm to Table Capital of Georgia.  Rabun County has five Best Chef’s America and many locally owned farms.  We also have 6 dedicated Farm to Table restaurants however, many of our restaurants use farm fresh produce on a regular basis even though they don’t advertise as strictly Farm to Table.

Farm to table is not just a tagline for Rabun County but a way of life for so many of our residents.

We along with Bennett Shuttle Service are excited to offer three wonderful Farm & Food Tour Dates.  June 27thJuly 25th, and September 26th, 2019.  These tours will be hands-on experiential events.  The leaders of these tours are highly professional and well respected in the industry.

Chef Eric Pitts, Chef of Rabun Manor Resort in Dillard, Georgia, will begin our day with a foraging experience at Mill Gap Farms in Clayton, Georgia.  You will get your hands dirty finding the foods that we will be cooking for our meal.  While at Mill Gap Farms you will also get to explore this wonderful property and meet the farmers Chuck and Amy Mashburn.  

We will leave the farm and head to Beechwood Inn Bed & Breakfast and Restaurant to join Best Chef’s America Gayle and Dave Darugh in their chef’s kitchen to prepare the items you just foraged for previously.  At Beechwood Inn Carlton ChamblinFarm 2 Cocktail owner and forager himself will meet us in the garden and teach us and then let us make many different cocktails that you will be able to taste and then take the recipes back with you to your home.

From this point, we will load back in the Bennett Shuttle Service van and transport to Stonewall Creek Vineyards where owner Mark Diehle and Tasting Room Manager Gail McDaniels will take you down to the vines and inspect, prune, or pick.  Then take a stroll back up to the tasting room and get to partake in several of their delicious and award-winning wines.

Finally, we will take a ride out to Hillside Orchard Farms where you will be able to pick whatever is growing in season at the time of the tour.  They also have a fabulous country store with wonderful items grown, made, and jarred here in Rabun County.

To reserve your seat on one of the above tours click on the link for the tour date you would like to attend.

June 27th Tour – Click Here!

July 25th Tour – Click Here!

September 26th – Click Here!

All tours will begin and end at the Northeast Georgia Mountains Food Bank at 46 Plaza Way, Clayton, Ga.  Joe and Stevelyn at Bennett Shuttle Service will be our guide along the way.  All you have to do is climb aboard the shuttle then sit back and enjoy the ride.  We affectionately say we eat and drink our way across the county.

We can also put together private tours.  Each tour personal tour can be customized for the occasion.  Give us a call to let us know the dates needed & the total number in your party.  We will organize the tours based on the minimum requirement of eight people and a maximum at one time of twenty-four.