EV Charging Station – Complimentary charge at York House Inn for Guests

EV Charging Station – Complimentary charge at York House Inn for Guests

The York House Inn is temporarily closed for remodeling and new management.  They plan to reopen in Spring of 2020.

Want to drive your electric vehicle to a great location loaded with places to re-charge? Come stay at York House Inn and we offer you a free charge. We now have about 8 EV Charging Stations – including two at our Inn. Just try this app and put in our zip code 30568 https://www.teslamotors.com/destination-charging

As of April 2016 York House Inn offers both a 80A Telsa Charger and 40A universal chargers!

Rabun County Georgia welcomes EV drivers and offers a number of EV Charging Stations for your convenience. And don’t forget, if you are a guest of York House Inn we will provide you with a complimentary charge.

Our Environmental Commitment:

It is our mission to continue “defining the destination” as we have since 1896. As Georgia’s oldest bed and breakfast we strive to provide the highest level of hospitality and guest experience while preserving and promoting the unique historical and environmentally sensitive nature of our property and the area; we are committed to sustainability in all practices.
At the York House Inn, our goal is to minimize our use of natural resources while still providing a magnificent guest experience.
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