Development Authority of Rabun County (DARC)

Development Authority of Rabun County (DARC)
Welcome to the Development Authority of Rabun County, the economic development agency for Rabun County, Georgia. The Authority focuses on economic development to improve the quality of life for all citizens and businesses in the County by promoting economic opportunity through the creation of jobs and investments, diversifying and growing the County tax digest, and more.

The mission of the Development Authority of Rabun County is to expand and retain our existing companies and create targeted jobs for the workforce of Rabun County.

The Development Authority of Rabun County focuses on bringing economic growth, business expansion, and job creation to Rabun County by creating a modern, business-ready climate.
DARC’s primary economic development vehicle is the DARC-owned Rabun Business Park , a multi-use industrial facility created to offer highly competitive rent and versatility to prospective companies.  The 971,905 square-foot multi-tenant building sits on 96 acres in Rabun County.
DARC can provide both taxable and tax-exempt industrial revenue bond financing for a wide range of qualified projects—both existing expansions and new business ventures. We also have the capability to assist qualified businesses with below market interest start-up and gap finance loans.