Daddo’s Shenanigans

How to describe Daddo’s Shenanigans, a new business venture on Savannah Street across from the courthouse in downtown Clayton? It’s not one thing. And each part doesn’t necessarily connect to the others.

As the Shenanigans website describes it: “It’s an experience.” One that features a Food Truck, Indoor Golf, an Indoor Shooting Range, an Exclusive Bourbon & Cigar Bar, Street Legal Golf Carts, Electric Bikes, Coin Operated Amusements, Pool Tables and the traditional German game of Hammer-Schlagen. It’s all there under one roof (and one parking lot).

Swingers Club Indoor Golf features three state-of-the-art golf simulators where you can work on your game while enjoy a cold beverage. And as noted above, there are variety of options for other indoor and outdoor fun.

The highlight, though, is the Shenanigans Food Truck which features an eclectic menu offering everything from hot dogs and pulled pork sandwiches to a shrimp roll, salmon burger and Low Country Boil. For dessert, how about a deep-fried Pearl Sugar Waffle?

Daddo’s Shenanigans credo is to exceed their guests’ expectations. They are one of the first downtown venues to install Halo Bipolar Ionization technology to cleanse the indoor air. From the comfort of the setting to the training and knowledge of the staff, it is all of these things and more that allow Shenanigans to deliver an unparalleled experience for its guests.

When you are looking for something to do AND you need a little variety, Daddo’s Shenanigans is the place for food, fun and more. Visit them today!

Daddo’s Shenanigans

77 W. Savannah Street

Clayton, GA 30525

Phone: 706.960.9292