Clayton to Patterson Gap Road

Driving tour over Patterson Gap in the Northeast Georgia Mountains of Rabun County takes visitors through scenic Betty’s Creek Valley.
The road to Patterson Gap turns left off of Betty Creek Road about 3.5 miles from US 441 and crosses a bridge. As one climbs a steep grade, off to the left is Patterson Creek Falls. FS 32 passes through Moon Valley. After entering US Forest Service land, the road is steep but scenic through great coves of tulip poplar, which have come in after the death of the chestnut because of a blight in the 1930s and following logging in the early 1990s.
Crossing Patterson Gap, one circles a cove hardwood forest, then descends along a pitch pine ridge. Along the road banks grow with the rare sweetfern. This road eventually joins Persimmon Road, which dead-ends at US 76. Allow about 2 hours, not counting stops. map