Bad Branch Falls

A 20’ cascade, it is 3.2 miles from the Lake Seed Dam.  Bad Branch Falls is a beautiful fall in the Rabun County waterfalls system.
Take Lake Rabun Road to the dam, then cross the lake below the dam and go 0.3 miles to the stop sign and turn right on Crow Creek Road. Follow Crow Creek Road for 2.9 miles. The unmarked trailhead will be on the left. Allow five minutes for an easy to the falls.

Two distinct trails mark the hike to Becky Branch Falls. Becky Branch runs through Warwoman Dell, under a bridge just past the first parking lot. The climb to Warwoman Dell Road is on the Bartram Trail, just past the trout hatchery on the right. A marker notes the entrance to the trail. The sharp climb to the road is eased by a couple of well-done switchbacks, but these may be difficult if you have a fear of heights. If they are problematic you may not want to continue because the drop both the Bartram Trail and Becky Branch Falls Trail is worse.

Once on the road you have a choice: climb the Becky Branch Falls Trail, almost directly in front of you across the road, or walk down the road to the frequently obscured entrance to the Bartram Trail on the other side of the stream. It is easily located a few steps past the culvert at the deep end of a small cove. Becky Branch Trail is a dead climb to the falls, which is the way we normally go, but the Bartram Trail has a couple of switchbacks that make the climb easier. This narrative is told as a loop hiking the Becky Branch Trail first.