Four Seasons in Rabun County GA

 Our North Georgia Mountains experience four distinct seasons; each with its own beauty and charm.

Rabun County Winter

Rabun County Winter With average temperatures of 58.5 degrees in January, Rabun County has relatively mild winters.  however, we do experience occasional snowfalls of up to 10 inches.  The snow usually does not stay long but it makes for some beautiful scenes while it lasts.

Rabun County Fall

Rabun County Fall

Rabun County Fall Autumn in Rabun County offers a bounty of color.  Local photographer Peter McIntosh has captured some of the most memorable shots of our North Georgia Mountains. Also in the fall Osage Farms is brimming with pumpkins, peppers, squash, gourds and the last of our summer tomatoes. Rabun County is one of North […]

Rabun County Summer

Rabun County Summer Affectionately referred to as the place “where Spring spends the Summer,” Rabun County is known for its mild climate and extraordinary natural beauty. Located in the blue ridge mountains of the Appalachian Mountain Chain, Rabun County is blessed with thousands of acres of woodland, streams, high ridges, and fertile valleys. In early summer, […]

Rabun County Spring

Rabun County Fall

Rabun County Spring The Majesty of the Blue Ridge Mountains is enhanced by favorable weather conditions, with average temperatures of 58.5 degrees in January and 76 degrees in August with as many as 70 inches of precipitation per year. Spring is the period of re-birth.  The regions orchards and vineyards bloom, yielding our seasonal fresh […]


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