Adventure awaits in Rabun County Georgia!

There’s plenty to do here from outdoor activities to cultural entertainment. The land presents plenty of natural beauty to enjoy in a state park with a picnic or find a more exciting adventure likewhitewater rafting! The local culture attracts artists and craftmakers who make everything from quilts to wine to honey to carved wooden bears.

Recreation opportunities abound from adrenaline-pumping mountain biking or zip line tours to a relaxing fishing outing or afternoon round of golf. There’s plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy during your time here. The varied terrain includes mountain peaks and lakes and rushing rivers through wild gorges. Whitewater rafting is one of the most popular summer time activities since there’s really nothing better than splashing around in the river on a hot summer day. The change of seasons is marked and each time of the year offers different choices like taking pictures of wildflowers in the spring or vibrantly colored fall leaves.

The ruggedly beautiful landscape, at times stark during the winter, inspires local artists to create a wide range of arts including painting, sculpture, performance and music. The melodrama of nature speaks to the artist’s soul and inspires creativity throughout the year. Enjoy these labors at one of our local art galleries or pick one up to take with you at a local shop

Or visit the outdoor attractions that inspire the local artists. State parks with hiking trails and nature walks are a place to take pictures and capture the scenery yourself. Take a hike to a majestic waterfall, try to visit after a rainy night for the best effect. The mountains and forest make a lovely backdrop for your stay!

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